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Tree roots, silt, or sludge buildup are just some of the things that can clog the sewer pipes. If your pipes do end up becoming clogged due to these reasons or another, wastewater and sewage will have a hard time passing through these pipes. When this happens, there’s a high chance that an emergency plumbing issue can happen. That is, sewage can make its way back into your home through the same drains and pipes that were supposed to transport the waste away from your property.

Fortunately, Attaboy Plumbing is a professional plumber in Oroville, CA that can help deal with clogged pipes. One of the drain cleaning methods that we like to use is hydro jetting, and here’s why.


Our team utilizes hydro jetting for stubborn clogs that have been forming in your pipes for a long time. We could also hydro jet your pipes to prep them for plumbing repairs, optimizing the results of the services. With hydro jetting, we’ll be able to get your drains, sewers, and plumbing unclogged in under an hour or two.


All of our plumbing services are safely carried out by our trained and qualified technicians. When we perform hydro jetting, we make sure that the work area is clear and that our crew is wearing and using the proper equipment so that the job is done right. Moreover, hydro jetting does not involve the use of harsh chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

You might be worried about the highly pressurized water and how it might damage your plumbing pipes, but as a trusted plumbing company around these parts, we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. The pressurized water comes out of the multidirectional nozzle at such an angle that will allow the stream of water to scrape the pipes without damaging it.

Got clogged drains? Contact Attaboy Plumbing to schedule a hydro jetting.

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