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Drain & Sewer Line Descaling Service near Chico, CA

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At Attaboy Plumbing, we are well-versed in everything plumbing, including drain descaling. Let us help you decide if working with a local plumbing company for this service is what you need to do.

Scale is formed by a buildup of particulates on the inside of your pipes. The particulates that compose scale include hardened grease, mineral deposits from hard water, and anything that gets stuck in the aforementioned build-up. These things all form into a hardened substance over time that is known as scale. As it grows and hardens, it blocks pipes and prevents proper flow. With enough time, scale can completely line your pipes and stop the flow altogether. If it gets too bad, you may even need emergency plumbing services.

It’s always better to catch a descale a drain before it gets that the point of requiring plumbing repairs. At Attaboy Plumbing, we can help.


Scale blocks both incoming lines and outgoing ones. Blocked incoming lines can disrupt daily life in your household by preventing water from getting in when you need it. Scale is also one of the leading causes of blocked sewer lines. This can result in a nasty back up that nobody wants to deal with. To avoid that kind of situation, you should consider our professional plumbing services like drain descaling.


Always hire a professional plumber in Chico, CA, to descale your drains. We have multiple tools at our disposal to do the job right. Descaling refers to the process of getting rid of accumulated materials from interior pipe surfaces. This cleaning method aims to remove small roots that can get into pipes. With our expertise in pipe descaling, our team can help maintain full flow in your pipes.

Our approach to drain descaling will depend on the extent of the scale buildup. There are also less invasive ways to get the job done for pipes that are damaged or otherwise fragile. If your drains or sewers are not working well, call Attaboy Plumbing or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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