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As a homeowner, you may have encountered a clogged drain, and if not, you’re likely to come across one at some point. While there are ways to reduce the likelihood of clogs from happening, there’s not much else you can do about the clogs that do happen. Except, of course, to get a professional plumber in Chico, CA to clear your drains for you. One such drain cleaning method we use here at Attaboy Plumbing is hydro jetting.


Hydro jetting involves using a high-pressure hose that blasts water inside the pipes to remove blockages. This procedure is sometimes done in conjunction with plumbing repairs. Below are the main benefits of the hydro jetting process.


When our plumbing company performs hydro jetting, we only use clean water for the procedure. This makes hydro jetting an eco-friendly technique of cleaning your sewer line as the process doesn’t use conceivably dangerous chemicals, as with most liquid cleaners. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to have clog-free drains, then hydro jetting is the way to go.


Plumbing services can sometimes cost a bit more than what property owners initially thought. However, drain cleaning services such as hydro jetting pays for itself because it ensures that your pipes and drains are thoroughly scoured and cleaned, leaving you with clear drains that aren’t likely to clog up for a long time.


Other drain cleaning techniques such as drain snaking are also efficient at removing blockages. However, there are certain types of clogs that only hydro jetting can address. With time, such remnants can accumulate to form debris that can lead to another clog. If this goes on, you might be well on your way to needing emergency plumbing services.

The hydro jetting process is capable of removing clogs together with any remnants completely. Ultimately, this prevents any possible future clogs from accumulating, giving you peace of mind among the benefits mentioned above.

Contact Attaboy Plumbing today to experience the benefits of hydro jetting firsthand.

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